Our flock has grown since the first Sun we purchased in 2009. The latest addition, a Military Macaw named Jada is our first 'big' bird. Although intimidating at first, Jodie and George have always been there to help us through her transitions. She is becoming more and more trusting with the entire family and is a great addition to our family. We now own 3 of Jodie and George's babies, Basil the Blue Crown with a splay leg, Ellie the Sun and Jada the Military Macaw. We sadly lost Haley in an accident who started us on this journey and she would have been the 4th baby from CNY Aviary. We are currently waiting for Mango the Sun to grow up enough to come home and will likely consider an African Grey in the near future. We would recommend CNY Aviary in a heartbeat. You can't get any better than Jodie and George!

Monica and Kurt Nagahiro   

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