Availability of baby birds!

We love what we do – raise lovable baby birds who go on to become part of families that adopt/buy them for a long long period of time. We are a very small aviary and in the beginning we decided that we will only sell babies that we raise and till now we have only sold babies that are born in our aviary by parents that we own and hand raised by us. This also brings to the point that we have only very few babies available every season, and we can never tell when we will have babies available – we are not that good at predicting what our birds will do. When we do have babies – they are usually sold very early and we take a deposit for them when we wean them and get them ready to go to their new homes. We DNA test all our African Grey babies before they go home – but the process of getting blood for DNA testing is only done when we trim their nails for the first time. This is only done after they are perching comfortably (they do need their needle sharp nails when they are just learning to balance on a perch!). So when we sell these babies – we have no idea about the gender of our babies and we are not able to guarantee the gender to anyone during the sale. For some this is important but for us – there is no difference in the quality whether it is a male or female. Every baby has very distinct personality of their own but we have never been able to group them as gender based.

We usually have a small waiting list for baby Greys – being on the waiting list is easy – just email your contact information and that is it. We will contact you when your turn is up and we have a baby available. At that time, you can put a deposit down to hold the baby while weaning process if going on. The length of the waiting is never a accurate indication of when you will be able to get a baby. A lot of people on the waiting list do not complete the transaction as situations change for a lot of people or sometimes they have found another baby from another source or they are not able to buy a baby at that time due to other obligations. Which are all understandable – but the point here being, you might be able to get a baby sooner than you think is possible. For this reason we do not tell how many are on the waiting list or an expected time frame when anyone will be able to get a baby.

So – are you interested in get a baby Grey from us – just contact us and let us know you are interested and to put you in our waiting list. Please do follow us on our Facebook  page for all the latest news and pictures.