Frequently Asked Questions


What species of baby birds are available now?

Please check our availability page to see what species of baby birds are available at this time. If the parents are on eggs, you can get on the waiting list for a baby. After the babies are born and removed from the nest box for hand feeding, we start taking deposits and reserving the baby for you.

How can I reserve a baby bird or get on the waiting list?

You can get on the waiting list by contacting us by email or phone. There is no cost for you to be on the waiting list. Usually this is done for upcoming babies. Reserving a baby bird requires 25% non-refundable deposit and will involve in us guaranteeing one baby bird for you. Please see the full details about reserving and buying a baby bird from us here.

Can I come and visit my baby bird?

Absolutely, we encourage you to come and visit your baby bird as often as possible at our location. Once your baby bird is reserved, we will provide you with suitable visitation hours with the baby bird. For a general location, we are about 30 minutes from Syracuse, NY and Utica, NY.

Do you ship baby birds, how much is the shipping cost and the crating costs?

We prefer not to ship our baby birds, as it is in your interest to come and interact with them as much as possible. But in instances where picking up the baby bird is not an option, we do ship with Delta and Continental out of Syracuse, NY (SYR). Actual cost for shipping (at this time between 100 and 150 dollars) and cost of crating is between 20 and 45 dollars depending on species and number of baby birds being shipped. Please contact us for a more accurate estimate as the airline costs are not predictable.

Is there a health guarantee for the baby birds?

We do provide a written health guarantee for all our baby birds. You can find the details about our health guarantee here. All sales also comes with a written contract specifying the terms and conditions of the sale.

What about the diet for baby birds?

All our baby birds are weaned on to Zupreem Fruit-Blend pallets, along with eating lots and lots of fresh fruits, veggies and cooked food including rice, pasta and beans. We recommend you continue the same diet once you take your baby home with you.

I still have more questions, what to do?

The easiest thing is to contact us and we will try our best to answer all your questions.