Thank you so much for our African Grey, Daniel!! He is the perfect addition to our family. He is adjusting nicely, you guys do a wonderful job raising friendly/smart birds. I appreciate you willing to answer any and all questions no matter how silly or simple they may seem.

Jennifer Shoram    February 25, 2015    Champlain, NY   

We bought Miku almost a year ago. She is wonderful!!! She was the
friendliest baby . Great to handle. And we have had no health issues
at all. She says hello and a couple other thing and lots of sounds. We
just wanted to say THANKYOU! She has brought great joy to out family.
If I'm ever going to get another one it will be from you and your
wife. Thanks again Bev and Miku and family

Bev Sperry    January 6, 2015    Oneonta, NY 13820   

CNY is the best place to get your birds. I got my grey from them they are very caring with there birds. They have lots of love for them. They keep there birds clean. They hand feed them. When I went to see my bird whom was born on April fools day. He was loving because of the love they give them. They give you instructions to care for your new bird and how to make them feel at home. I cant say enough good things about them. It would be 4 pages long. This is the best place to get your bird from loving people. My grey is doing great and very. Healthy from them. No pet store can give the love that CNY Aviary can give them. They truly are the best. My name is Kellie Brutcher and CNY is the best.

Kellie Brutcher    September 7, 2014    Central Square, NY   

Our flock has grown since the first Sun we purchased in 2009. The latest addition, a Military Macaw named Jada is our first 'big' bird. Although intimidating at first, Jodie and George have always been there to help us through her transitions. She is becoming more and more trusting with the entire family and is a great addition to our family. We now own 3 of Jodie and George's babies, Basil the Blue Crown with a splay leg, Ellie the Sun and Jada the Military Macaw. We sadly lost Haley in an accident who started us on this journey and she would have been the 4th baby from CNY Aviary. We are currently waiting for Mango the Sun to grow up enough to come home and will likely consider an African Grey in the near future. We would recommend CNY Aviary in a heartbeat. You can't get any better than Jodie and George!

Monica and Kurt Nagahiro    March 1, 2011    Colchester, VT   

Gabby our Military Macaw…where to start! Gabby is the first bird we have ever owned. We found out we were getting her in June 2010 and brought her home in October, during our wait until she could come home we spent countless hours researching what to do to take care of a Macaw, there are so many do’s and don’ts that are so very important. Getting a Macaw is definitely not something to be taken lightly; there are so many rules because they are such a sensitive bird, especially their respiratory systems. Our macaw Gabby is a wonderful bird and she is part of the family. She requires an immense amount of time and attention, only after months of research were we comfortable enough to bring Gabby home. Having a Macaw is really like having a child. She is very loving and she loves to snuggle and spend time with our family. She eats dinner with us at the table every night, and we are up every morning between 5 and 5:30 to fix her breakfast and have 1-2 hours of “out of cage” time before we have to leave for the day. Gabby also has to have lots of cage toys to play with when she is alone to keep her busy so she doesn't get lonely, and if we are home she is out of her cage with free roam of the house. (We chose a cage that measures approximately 3 ft deep x 4 feet wide x 5 feet tall, which was purchased with the help and advice of the aviary.) Of course she requires constant supervision because she does not understand that power cords and woodwork are not acceptable chew toys. She is such a great bird and we love having her around. She is this way because of her first few months with Jodie. Jodie spends a great deal of time with her babies to make sure that they are friendly and lovable. Her birds are also raised around other animals and children so that when they go to their new homes they are much more relaxed. George and Jodie opened their home to us while they were weaning Gabby and we were welcome to visit as much as we liked, which was wonderful for bonding and asking questions. I am very pleased with our experience, it has not been easy because it takes time for these precious babies to realize that you are their family and you have to earn their trust. The time we have put in has been very rewarding and although Gabby is only 6 months old and does not talk much yet, we understand each other just as a mother does with their own children. If you are considering getting a baby macaw, CNY aviary is the right place to turn to. This aviary was and still is very helpful with the purchase of our first macaw, George and Jodie have made themselves available 24/7 for and questions or problems that may arise. They are still always willing to help us with anything. I still have concerns with Gabby because we are first time bird owners that I contact Jodie about, from when to clip her nails and wings to getting through the first molting of the feathers. So when choosing to buy a macaw be sure you do the research and be prepared to get unconditional love from and incredible baby bird for the next 80 years or so!

Corey, Kristina and Kids    January 4, 2011    Ogdensburg, NY